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UK Space Tech Angels aims to become a key player in the early stage space tech sector by partnering with the most experienced and influential companies and government organisations in the industry.

UK Space Tech Angels has been created to provide investors with inside access to early stage space related investment opportunities. This exciting programme designed and developed by LBA is an initiative between LBA and Seraphim. In addition, a series of pitching events and a number of investor workshops will be delivered to sophisticated private investors and HNWIs.

Over the past decade, the value of the global space technology has nearly tripled $330Bn (2005 – 2015). In the UK, Space IGS, a joint UK government and industry initiative, is aiming to grow the UK’s share of the world’s space economy from 6.5% to 10% by 2030 (estimating the UK space industry at £40bn in 2030). This space growth action plan also has an interim target of 8% of the world’s space economy by 2020.

Moreover our space industry ambition is also linked to the cost of technology being significantly reduced, which will make this industry accessible to a range of burgeoning new startups with innovative ideas and with aspirations of becoming the space industry disruptors of the future.

UK Space Tech Angels has devised its investment focus in 3 categories: Ecosystem (space application), Downstream (Software) and Upstream (Hardware) to deliver investment opportunities:


Technologies with potential space appli-cations (e.g. AI, robotics, nanomaterials,
IOT, drones) and tech spun out from
space sector (e.g. solar panels, LED)


Software-oriented companies monetizing services and content from satellites/
other orbital hardware. As well as navigation, broadcasting, communications, satellite imagery.


Hardware-oriented: launch vehicles, satellites, space craft, nano-sat constellations, space energy, space tourism.

Earth Observation

Data analytics, 3D Mapping, Agritech, Satellite imagery, Cubesats.


Broadcasting communication, Marine and terrestrial broadband, IoT, Mobile, Augmented Reality.


Space energy, Propulsion, Power, Deploy-able structures, AI, Sensors (radar, lightdar).


Automated vehicle, drone/ UAVs, Electric vehicle, Transportation Management.

Location Based Services

GeoData, 3D Mapping, Mobile, Navigation.

Launch Vehicles

Nano and Micro satellites.

New Materials

Energy storage, Composite, Coasting.


Cyber security, Surveillance, Secure satellite communication.

Our Activities

UK Space Tech Angels investor workshops are aimed at individuals who would like to explore how to become an angel investor in the space sector. These workshops cover a wide range of topics including Introduction to the Angel Market and the UK Space Tech Angels initiative, current investment themes in the space sector and important issues regarding the Angel Investment Process, EIS tax benefits and other key steps of how to identify and Structure an Angel Deal in the space sector.

UK Space Tech Angels entrepreneur pitching events are aimed at High Net Worth and Sophisticated angel investors who are ready to meet and consider preselected and vetted start up and early stage investee companies who are potentially either SEIS/EIS eligible (or both). LBA is planning two/ three UK Space Tech Angels pitching events to take place in London in 2017 typically involving pitches from 6 or 7 SMEs from the space sector at each event. These events typically starting early evening.

If you are a private investor and you would like to attend our upcoming Investor Workshop or pitching event, please reach us:

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